Tuesday, December 31, 2013


MERRRRRYYYY CCCHHHRRRIIISSTTMMMAASSS!!! :) What a wonderful time of the year!! :) Cant believe it's two days away!! Looks like y'all have already done all the fun stuff ;) We are doing a district meeting on Christmas this year and I am super excitied about so we can see all the other missionaries! Me and sister Nelson are singing a special musical number for it. We combined Oh Come All Ye Faithful and For the Beauty of the Earth. It should be really cool--I'm excitited :) After disrict meeting we are watching a christmas movie and doing a white elephant exchange! Then the Jacobsens are going to have us over for dinner and what not :) It should be a fun day.
 This year will be such a different celebration for me. Being away from family and friends is very different for anyone. This week will be very sacred. With not being involved with all the hustle and bustle of christmas I have been able to ponder and study the birth of the Savior. What a wonderful day!! Our Savior was brought into the world so he could teach his people, die for them, and live again so we could have the opportunity to inherit the Kingdom of God!! This is great tidings of joy to my soul! A child is born and his name shall be WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, THE MIGHT GOD, THE ETERNAL FATHER AND PRINCE OF PEACE :) :) Have a Verry Merry Christmas my dear family. Let us remember the importance of this day and make it special.
LOVE Y'ALL! LOVE Sister Porter :)
PS. So durning the time that the missionaries will be watching the movie is when we can call. And that will be from NOON until TWO. probabaly around one ish is my guess but that will be when I call :) I am so very excited to hear from me sweet family love and miss you all so much. And no we don't get to skype :( Just a call from our cell phones.
That is just so sweet of Dorothy to send that to y'all!! She is the sweetest old lady ever!! We have been seeing her for a while. haha She calls me sweet pea and sister tuck jelly bean its so cute :) I guess she will have to come up with a nickname for sister nelson :)


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