Sunday, December 22, 2013

An unexpected Christmas Card

This past week we received this letter  in a Christmas card from a Dorothy  Brown from Lorena, Texas:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Porter,

My name is Dorothy Brown---I am a 69 year old great grandmother who lives in Lorena, Texas.  Over the years, as a parent, I have wondered how other adults perceived my children---if they remembered their manners--if they were respectful---things like that.  That is why I am writing.  I have met your daughter and she is a ray of sunshine!  She and her co-worker have been in my home several times.  They've had dinner with me once.  And hopefully will again.  She has been loving and very kind.  I also see an inner strength in her that she may not recognize yet.  I enjoy both the girls whenever they come and will do my best to help if she ever needs it.  I do have a confession--I have nicknamed your daughter Sweet Pea.  Thank you for sharing her with me.  Dorothy Brown.

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