Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Can't Believe This Is Happening?!?!

August 25, 2014


1. Kylee moved out...crazy
2. Steph and Dus had baby penny
3. Dax and Avie are in preschool!!! what the! 
4. I didn't know Uncle Allen was planning on a mission!! way cool! :) 
5. I'm serving with sister Tuck again! sooo exciting
-Its been so neat to see how much we have grown from last year. I love her with all my heart. 
6. My trainer, Sister Earl, went home last week. 
7. That I'm coming home in two months......its so surreal! 

So this week has been SOOSO crazy! we just have been so caught up in the work its amazing! I am the most happy when I am working as hard as I can :) Its amazing how much happiness you can have when you are rendering service to God and to our fellow men. The sanders (our ward mission leader and wife) drove us up to Hurst to transfers. Sad to say goodbye to sister heap. But its been a blast with sister Tuck. They make us these amazing cookies every time we do transfers. They are called ranger cookies......I will have to get the recipe because they are to die for! :) 

One of the AP's called us and told us that we would be adding two more sister companionships to our steward ship this transfer!!! holy moly! Six sets of sisters!! we have A LOT of work to do. But it will be great. They are both Spanish speaking so it will be interesting to go on exchanges with them haha. My espanol is pocito.  ( I probably didn't even spell that right). We have a baptism this weekend with Kathy :) I am sooo excited. She is the sister of our recent convert Les. And what is amazing is that Les got the priesthood on Sunday so he will be able to perform the baptism on Saturday :) :) ye-haw! She has like....30 family members coming up from Houston ...its going to be great! Ill let you know how it goes. 

Ill tell you a funny story. It might be a little gross but it was just so great I bet yall will get a kick out of it. We were teaching this old (93) man named papa Charlie this weekend. It was a great lesson and when we finshed I asked him if we could leave him with a prayer. While I was praying though he just....let one rip!!! and oh my goodness I could not contain myself I couldn't finish the prayer sister Tuck and I were just laughing. And papa Charlie just smiled. It was pretty great. 

We did some community service at a nursing home close to our church building. We sang songs with a group of older ladies in wheel chairs. haha it was kind of hard though because they didn't know any of the songs we tried to sing and we didn't know any of the songs they were trying to sing. We just sang "DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS" over and over again. But hey what ever make them happy :) its was a blast. 

Our mission president has challenged us to start and finish the Book of Mormon by the middle of October. Its been an amazing experience to just dive into that wonderful book. I love the Book of Mormon soooo  much. So grateful that we have a second witness of Christ and that we have the fullness of the gospel! Something also that I was talking to sister Tuck about the other day was about how important it is to have a deep and strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is the key stone of our religion.......Joseph Smith said "With out the Book and the revelations, there would be no religion!" And if the key stone in our arch was cracked....would we invite other to come underneath it? 

The book is blue
The Church is true
I love you! 

sooo much. Cant wait to reunite! PS. what are the plans for when I get home anyways? Love Sister Porter 

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