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Called to Serve In Spanish

October 27. 2014

 think this is how I will start this letter......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I cant believe it!! I really dont think it has hit me yet that I will be coming home in two weeks.......Im really excited that I will have the whole day to be with yall too :) When will I be released? Im pretty excited to meet trever, he sounds like a great guy. Are they getting pretty serious? bells and all? I got an email from grandma. Sounds like they are really enjoying Arizona. THANK YOU for the package by the way :) that was so sweet! I think Ill be fine with out those contacts until I get home. Question: How much money should I cash out to have for my flight for like an emergency? Last time I had 200 dollars in cash but....i dont feel like I need to pull out that much? what do you think? And I think I am sending home a package with some stuff so I dont have to pack it with me so look out for that. ALSO Whats the weather going to be like that day I come home?
October 27, 2014

Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadero y yo se que esta evangelio va a bendicir suvida mucho!!! :) This is my testimony in spanish! Went on another exchange with the Spanish sisters this past week and it was amazing! Picture this....7 o clock at night, me and Sister Limon riding bikes in down town fort worth. FYI I haven't ridden a bike my whole mission. And if you have ever wondered if riding a bike in a skirt is hard...the answer is yes! But golly what an adventure. I love being pro-active. I actually understand Spanish well enough that I could help teach back! I felt pretty awesome ;) The Spanish culture is so different and the language is so peculiar! Like the word umbrella in Spanish is "water stopper" and there are only four words in Spanish that start with the letter k! Crazy.
Started off the next morning singing Called to Serve in Spanish. Super neat :) Then off to work we went! So before I tell you what happened next, you have to understand this statement....."Mexicans PRAISE THEIR FOOD!" If a Spanish women gives you a plate of better lick that plate clean! or she will be offended. its like she shows her love by offering her cooking, and we show it back by eating ALL of it. So...after a lesson  with one of their investigators, she offered us some Tamales. Of course we said yes, but little did we know that 10 minutes later she would bring out a party plate FULL of them. 14 tamales. FOURTEEN!!!! Sister Limon later said if she could have gotten a picture of my reaction she would have won a million dollars! I ate every single bit of those and drake two cokes that she insisted I drink. More More!! :P I was so sick! I guess we all show our love in different ways!
Saturday we had the opportunity to join with the Dallas leadership to hear from Elder Foster of the 70. He talked about good leadership and the difference between vision and goals. It was really good :) The first thing that Elder Foster said when he got up to speak to us was "Listen to old men... because they will always tell you the truth!" haha it was funny.
That night our ward had the Trunker Treat party. Lots of fun :) I love seeing the little kids in their costumes. It was funny because one of the members gave us candy to pass out and within the candy were glow in the dark tattoos for the kids. So the members would come around and jokingly be like "Oh look at the missionaries passing out tattoos!" haha
Yesterday during Relief Society, Sister Zalar (our R.S president) sat by me and during the lesson I happen to catch her starring at me. I kinda laughed and leaned over to ask her what she was looking at. She then smiles really big and with tears in her eyes she whispers "I hope TJ (her son) marries someone like you one day."   I began to cry!! she is so sweet :) I love her.
I found out that Sister Nielsen (the sister I trained) got transferred to the YSA ward in Arlington!! And she is companions with my MTC companion! haha crazy! and she wrote me a little note and told me that she had dinner with my first convert! how fun is that? :)
Well I sure do love y'all!! missing ya like crazy!! What a glorious thought to think we will be seeing each other once again! I love this work. Grateful for the love I have for my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. They live and love each and everyone of us! Its a even more glorious thought to think that we will all be seeing them some day!! Hurrah for Israel! 
Love sister Porter
Pic one: Fort worth and Dallas sisters together :) 
Pic two: Mozzarella sticks at ten o clock at night 

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