Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Have Served For 18 Months

November 3, 2014 name is Sister Porter, I'm a missionary in the Fort Worth Texas Mission....and I have served for 18 months! Its that crazy or what!! I would have to agree with what you said how, it seems like it went by so fast but yet its all in slow motion at the same time. I told kylee in her email that I cry about twice a day. One because I am truly sad to be leaving my mission and two because I am overwhelmed with JOY to be seeing y'all again!! :) :) 

Really excited to see the ward too! sounds like a lot of good changes have happened! and Spanish fork! and the babies! and my brothers and there awesome wives! and my loving parents! and my best friend in the whole world! (Kylee...if you didn't already know that) and her boyfriend....and ....EVERYTHING! 

This past week was full of blessings from the Lord. Every time we would come to the Lord in prayer asking for his guidance he would direct us to someone to teach! EVERYTIME! it was amazing! I would just smile the whole time we would teach because I knew God had once again blessed us! We just found LOTS of new investigators so hopefully we will get them to start living the gospel and coming to church soon! Excited for this ward to see all these amazing things happen :) 

So...y'all probably got a video message from the Blackburns last night....hahah it was an awkward video BUT fun that they wanted to do that for us :) hahaha oh man.......good times. Their son just got off of his mission a couple of months ago and so she always talks about how she wished members would do that for her so she wanted to do it for us :) We went on two exchanges this week. One with the sisters in Azle and one with the Spanish sisters in Fort worth. it was fun. I just love going out with these sisters to see how they work and how it has helped them grow. 

Well I sure do love y'all so much. Sorry I didn't say much about what happened this past week. I was trying to think what to write and .....there wasn't much excitement ...Halloween night we had to come in for the night and do our planning. We only got one tricker treater....and it was our neighbor. haha. so that was the highlight of that night :) OH! do yall know a Tammy Brantly??? she and her family lived in Arlington and know all the same people that we do! They were really good friends with the Synichitus (I totally spelled that name wrong) and apparently Pam Lacienta (spelled that one wrong too!) husband baptized her and everything! haha she thought it was so cool that I was from here!

Sister Porter 

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