Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Schedule-----Kinda


I do apologize for my horrible emails....Its been really hard for me to email home right now with the end being so close. Really have been just trying to focus on the work and give it my all! My tail bone hasn't acted up since you mailed me that medicine and I took it! :) So that has been SUCH a blessing. It truly hasn't hurt at all. So ...I don't know if we will have to do anything about it? We will just have to take a look at it when I get home and see what we need to do....

Sounds like Kylee is just really enjoying the college life! :) She is crazy busy...haha I hope to keep myself super busy when I get home though. I wont lie that will be hard going from being busy every second of every day to .....a class here.....a class there....oh work for a couple of hours...and then relax? I don't even think I know how to relax anymore! Everything will be a big adjustment. Just different. 

I will really enjoy doing volleyball when i get home :) I MISS IT! Thank you for thinking of me and doing that. 

This past week was so full of meetings!! Ill give you a little run down of what happened. 

Monday: went to the stake presidents house and played some games with some of the missionaries. Fun to do different stuff like that on p days. It gets boring sometimes doing the same things over and over again....laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, emailing. yadayadaya....:) haha. Then Monday night we went to the church and planned for our Zone Council with the Zone leaders. 

Tuesday: After studies in the morning we went to our ward mission leaders house (the sanders) and helped his wife do some gardening. It was SOOO hot that day. I was sweating like a pig!! We had to go home and jump in the shower to cool off. Then we had an appointment to teach this couple we found last week about the restoration. I just....LOVE teaching :) it was amazing. They accepted the invitation to learn more so hopefully we will be able to see them this week. 
Then our dinner appointment canceled so we just made some pasta...(cheap and simple :) That night we went to the R.S activity to get to know the women of the ward a little better. Its was super fun We did a "speed friendshipping" activity.  Its was a cute idea. Like speed dating so we could ask all the ladies questions for three minutes and then we would switch when they rang the bell. :) hehe loved it

Wednesday: Today we had interviews with president. From seven in the morning until five o clock! So everyone gets 15 minutes with president to talk with him and ask any questions that we have. its amazing :) I love president Ames. while everyone else is getting their interviews we study and are involved in a training from our Zone leaders. 

Thursday: PLANNING! haha this takes ALL morning. But its so important. If we didn't plan out our week it would be like going out into battle without preparing weapons and strategies. We met this lady who was walking her dog and we called out to her and asked if we could share with her a Book of Mormon. She kept walking and said that she was trying to go for a walk....SOOOO we walked with her and taught her the first lesson! :) it felt a little funny but it was awesome! She accepted the Book of Mormon and said she wanted to learn more! ye-haw! 
Then that night we brought one of our investigators to a baby shower of a lady in our ward it was perfect for her to get to know some people. 

Friday we had Zone Council! oh my goodness ...I think that was by far my favorite Zone council I've had. I gave a training on working together like honey bees. It was fun! Everyone in the mission knows me as the artsy fartsy sister who gives out candy at her training. hhaha. That's the R.S in me I guess! I decorate the board all cute and stuff like that. I committed the Zone to give out a book of Mormon everyday until October 16 because that when we are having an Elder from the 70 come talk with us! :) Super excited for that. 

After the meeting, me and Sister Tuck swapped companions with the Cleburne sisters. So I stayed her in Hudson oaks with a sister Named sister Alldrege. We actually went to jr. high together and played against eachother in volleyball (she played for Salem) So that was pretty neat :) 
That night we taught a couple named michael and Rachel at the church. They are so prepared! We talked about the plan of salvation and everytime we would ask them the question they would ......know exactly what to say....I don't even know how to explain how amazing it was. For example when we asked Michael what he believed happened before our life here on earth he replied "well...we were spirit children with our father in heaven" .....We both looked at each other, smiled and said "well...ya!! how did you know that?" hahaha. The spirit was definitely the teacher in that lesson. :) 

Saturday: We taught Kathy (she just got baptized) her first new member lesson. She is just too cute! She loves the gospel with all of her heart. She is trying so hard to do missionary work with her family! She is getting surgery today so we hope everything goes okay :( Later we drove up to Azle to attend the sisters baptism for someone both me and sister Tuck were able to help teach when we went on exchanges with them. Then after the man that got baptized and his girlfriend got married! 

Sunday: I love Sundays. So peaceful for me to go and just sit for three hours and just be nourished by the good word of God! :) It was funny Brother Moulten (Elders quorum president) gave a talk yesterday and when he finished he ended with his testimony talking about how much he loved his wife and children. And right when he said he loved his children and talked about how innocent and good they were, his children crawled under the seat to started laughing.  haha you gotta love kids. 

I'm soooo grateful for this time I have had to serve the Lord. Its amazing the things we can do when we understand the love we have for the Savior. I love my family. I can not WAIT to be with my sweet family again. Missin yall so much. 

I love you mommy. Hopefully this email will get you through the week ;) ill try and be better with my emails!  

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