Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coming Home in Three Weeks!

Howdy Hey!! :) 

SO....First. I apologize for being so awful at emailing! 
Second. I'm going home in three weeks....WHAT? 
Fourth. If you have never had a chocolate cherry should definitely try one.  
This past week was....soooo amazing :) 
We set a baptism date last Tuesday night with an investigator named Detra.  Let me give you a little back round on how we found her. First we tracked into this guy who said we could come back and teach him more. So when we showed up the next week for our return appointment he wasn't there...But Detra's boyfriend was!! So we set another return appointment with HIM. So the next time we show up we sit down and start teaching him and Detra is kind of just in the living room "not listening." Her boyfriend starts to bible bash with us a bit so she comes in to see whats going on. She sits down and starts to listen. She glances down at the Book of Mormon and starts scanning the verses.  She then begins to cry proclaiming that no words had ever brought her so much peace! :) Sister Tuck and I testified to her that the spirit spoke and told her that these things were true!! the next Sunday she came to church and our last lesson we set a date:) SHE IS AMAZING!!! she says and asks the most inspiring things! i love her. She has a lot of things going on in her life right now but it is the most amazing thing to imagine her in her white clothes entering the temple. I know and have seen how the gospel can change peoples lives and I know with all my heart that its going to change hers :) 

Wednesday we drove up to the mission office in Euless to meet all the other missionaries I will be going home with to go to the temple. Usually the last day before you fly home, President Ames will take all of us to the temple BUT the Dallas temple will be closed that day. So he let us all go a little early. It was sooo fun :) To be with all those missionaries that I have served around my whole mission. ah. I just cant believe it. I had never done sealings before and I didn't know how much I would enjoy that. I could just hears bells ringing when the temple worker would say "For time and ALL eternity"  For tender for me. 
After the temple trip we had one of the sister missionaries that was serving down in Waco stay the night with us so we had to blow up an air mattress for her. It was super fun...SLEEP OVER! :) 

Thursday Elder Cardon from the seventy came and spoke to our mission. It was GLORIOUS! :) Right when he started speaking I knew he was a servant of the Lord! He spoke beautiful truth. it was a pretty long day though we started from eight in the morning and the meeting didnt end until four! 

Elder Foster gave a talk at BYU-Idaho this year that I read the other day. He talked about how amazing it is that our heavenly father gives us choice. I love this part 
"When Christ returned to the Father after putting the animals upon the earth, the Father said that it was good.  He didn't ask "So, Where did you put the tigers?" God had given the Savior the responsibility. He wasn't going to micro-manage him because he trusted him. He designed this earth experience around His trusting us because he wanted us to grown and return as exalted beings to be with him and to be like him."  

Ah I get chills every time I read that. I don't think we truly understand the Trust and Love that our Father in Heaven has in us. Just thinking about the fact that he trust us enough to make decisions that are good enough for us to be exalted! pretty cool stuff :)

Im so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. He literally provided the way for me to return to our Father. And something I really love is the fact that he wants us to call him Father! :) hehe isnt that great??? 
The gospel is True 
The book is Blue
....I love ...YALL :) 

ps. I totally ran over a was so sad!! I totally didnt mean to though....I tried to dodge it ran right in front of me! 
pss. I might need more contacts right when i get home
psss. Dad you are so smart signing me up for one class so I can work for you!! thhhhaaaannnnkkkk youuu :)

Love Sister Porter 

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